1948 Saoutchik bodied Talbot Lago GS

Due to unfortunate damaged received, the customer decided to have this 1947 Saoutchik bodied Talbot Lago GS restored to concourse condition.

Car upon arrival

Layers of “Bondo” over the top of corroded metal.

Metalwork underway. The left front headlamp was 1/2" lower than the right side.

Top of left front fender split and new patch tacked into position, raising the left side to the correct height.

New head lamp surround tacked into place.

Fender patch welded in and welds roughed out.

Top patch in and metal work complete.

Front nose back together with headlamps level.

Front left fender before metal work.

Dykem on, ready for metal finishing.

Metal work under way.

Metal work complete ready for primer.

New headlamp mount, new fog lamp socket and metal around trim.

New fog lamp socket being fitted with original lamps.

Right front headlamp surround and fog lamp socket. The bowl of the fog lamp sockets was made in two pieces rolled on the English wheel and welded together using the originals as templates.

Right front fender, this corroded strip is where a chrome strip goes.

Patch welded in place.

Metal finish work underway!

Old radio antenna hole being welded up, as was not original to car.