Fabrication / metal work

Just a sampling of some of the thing that I have fabricated.

New headlamp ring and fog lamp bowl fabricated from a sheet of 16 ga. mild steel.

Other side to match.

New brass radiator shell fabricated for a 1937 Morgan.

Top of the shell being stretched out on the English wheel. Being fitted to a buck I made out of 1/4" plywood.

Radiator shell metal finished, top and bottom half silver soldered together. Radiator cap snout also silver soldered on.

Deck lid number lamp for a 356 Abarth Porsche

Front nose wings made from aluminum, for a 908LH Porsche

New muffler for a 1898 Pahnard Levasor. Made from mild steel and riveted together

New Battery boxes for a 1913 Cadillac. Mild steel and riveted together. Note the Pittsburgh joint.

hammer forming over 3/4" marine plywood.

Box almost done except for some rivets for the brackets. Note the hand formed “Pittsburg” seam.