Select examples of Machining projects I have completed.

My main experience with machining was for Krown Restoration in Montana.

Turning O.D. of 1911 Cadillac cylinder after being spray welded.

1911 Cadillac cylinder set up on mill. Machining the water inlet surface.

Jig fabricated in order to machine out stuck plug in side of 1921
Cadillac cylinder block.

Plug successfully removed.

Stitch pins inserted into crack between cylinders along water jacket.

New quark float turned on a lathe with a tool post grinder.

Finish product.

Turning a new 1911 cadillac water pump drive shaft.

Finished product.

Using the mill and a key way cutter to machine out accessory drive shaft key.

New butterfly shaft.

Newly machined camshaft for a 1911 Cadillac.