Porsche RS60

CH Motorcars

In 1960, Jo Bonnier, Hans Herrmann and Graham Hill drove this car to victory in the Targo Florio. The Collier museum wanted to restore the car to this moment as accurately as possible.

This was the Porsche just before restoration.

The amount of material on the car was astounding. According to before and after weight records, about 60 lbs of material was on the car!

The car completely stripped and being cleaned in preparation for metal work.

Metal work complete.

Using a laser level and original pictures with drawn grids, aspects of the car were checked for the upmost accuracy.

Final coats of primer filler. Great care was taken to not apply excessive amounts of material. Soft sanding blocks were used in order to get the "proper" hand made race car look.

Hans Hermin at the wheel during Targa Florio practice, notice the dull finish of the paint.

Research of archived photographs, revealed a multitude of details about the car. This is a heat shield for the drivers knee.

Heat shield mounted in the car. It was made out of 6061 aluminum and attached with key type hose clamps.

Another detail was this tab soldered to the top of the fuel tank for locking the gas cap into position.

A tab and arrow were applied to the top of the gas cap, as original photographs showed.

The car upon completion. Notice the hand painted roundels and numbers recreated with as much accuracy as possible.

The RS60's fuse panel with correct German wording for the fuses.