1967 Porsche 911R

CH Motorcars

This 1967 Porsche 911R is the most successful 911R built. It won the 1969 Tour De Corsica with Gerard Larousse and Maurice Gelin behind the wheel. The car had been restored and repainted and new decals applied, however with minor attention given to their accuracy. My duty was to digitally reproduce the decals as accurate as possible and add many of the other subtle details found in period race photos.

This is the car before work began on decals notice most of the decals are not as pictured prior.

Using photographs, scale measurements were taken, then the graphics were laid out in Adobe Photoshop. We discovered that original decals were laid out by sign painters then transferred to decal paper; this made it very difficult to reproduce.

Using a camera at exactly the same angle as the original photographs were taken helped in understanding the shape of the original graphics.

In accordance with the Collier Collection mind set, it was noted that the orange paint on the nose was "washing" away. A chalk like orange paint was use that will fade and wash in the same manor.

Germany allowed vinyl stickers for the front end license plates. Using period plates in the collection, I reproduce the certificate and register stickers for the year of 1969.

Finished decals applied. With exception for the Tour De Corsica plates found on the bonnet and deck lid, every graphic on the car had to be recreated. The Porsche decals were also replaced with 1967 911R OEM Decals!