Porsche Abarth GTL

CH Motorcars

This Porsche Carrera Abarth GTL is serial number 001 and is the prototype for the Abarth series Porsche Carrera GTL. It won its class in the 1960 Lemans in the hands of Herbert Linge. The Collier Museum wanted to restore the car to this moment, at the 1960 Lemans.

This car had been repainted several times, so the material on the car was quite thick. During the stripping process, much about the cars earlier life was discovered. Such as the holes for a roundel lamp in the deck lid and a repair job to the front fog lamps that left the opening much shallower than the original.

Car stripped, cleaned and ready for metal work.

Car with final coats of silver nitrocellulose lacquer.

This is the car complete notice how precise the graphics are compared with the original photo (next picture).

During restoration, photographs as well as the original mounting holes for the roundel lamp were discovered. A new lamp was fabricated as best as possible as an original replacement lamp could not be located.