1936 White Model 706 Yellowstone Park Tour Bus

Krown Restoration

This project was to modify a 1936 White 706 Yellowstone Park tour bus with a modern diesel engine, power breaks and power steering while keeping the original look and character of the bus. All modifications were to be as un-invasive as possible so it could be easily converted back if desired. We used a Cummins 6BT with a Allison 1000 Automatic transmission.

After the engine was in place, great care was taken so that everything fit inside the hood. A radiator and intercooler were custom made to fit inside the original radiator shell.

Buck formed aluminum fan shroud.

This was the final test fit and finish before disassemble and paint.

The interior was reconstructed using as many of the original components as possible.
The cluster gauge was converted to receive electronic signals so that it was compatible with the electronic sensors.
A digital-to-mechanical converter box was used to operate the speedometer.
The flooring was constructed out of 1930's era diamond plate to match the original floor pattern.
The steering wheel is from a Model A Ford which is an exact scaled down version of the original bus wheel.
The lever in the center of the wheel which is the headlamp switch on the Model A, now controls the telescope function on the steering column.

After chassis and body paint, this shows the beginning of final assembly.

A multitude of items had to be fabricated to accommodate added features. This clamp holds the oil check stick, TPS sensor cable, throttle cable, and fuel injection lines.

The original firewall bolted into place. A new firewall was made that could be easily unbolted and swapped back for the original if ever desired.

Engine completely assembled.